Sunday, 30 October 2011

IUI #3 done

Hello invisible readers, strangers somewhere out there in cyberspace...

So we went in for IUI number three on Saturday. It went smoothly,it was good to have our normal Doc, he usually doesn't work Saturdays but had to go in for something so asked that we be scheduled for the time he would be in so he could do it :) We talked about veggie patches (we are currently starting one) and his grand kids, who were up visiting. Such a lovely man.

We used Van Der Beek's stuff again. It seems it got the job done last time :p this time it just needs to stick! It will... It has to... Ugh this is hard :(

Anyhow, we are doing AMAZING. We had a romantic night on Friday night, dinner in, candles, music etc ;p and a lazy afternoon and evening after driving up and back for the IUI. Today was spent in the garden together which was so lovely.

Oh! And my sister got engaged! (the nice one, not the evil one who doesn't bother showing up to weddings and pops out baby after baby that she can't care for) I am so so happy for her, can't stop grinning about it :D

Night folks x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

and I thought I was mad before...

I found out last night that my younger sister is pregnant again... She's 23... She has three children that she can't care for. Her new boyfriend is an unemployed alcoholic... Yes, I judge her. Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself and feeling very bitter.

After a failed IUI and the last one being a chemical pregnancy, with one (maybe two) tries left morale is low...

Next insemm should be next Saturday

I think this blog thing was a bad idea - its a bit negative really... Sorry :s

Monday, 17 October 2011

So mad...

We started testing 10DPO - we tested 6 times (utterly obsessive I know) - each test showed positive but the last was very faint...

She had sore breasts, nausea, and we were so excited.

The blood tests showed HCG levels of 5... That's too low to be a viable pregnancy. It appears that we achieved fertilisation, and even implantation but it didn't 'take'

We have one more try.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Today is IUI #2

On our way up to the clinic again, Jo drives while I read 'Up the duff' - Kaz Cooke... (hilarious btw)

Finally, yesterday, I got my positivity back. For some reason it just vanished after IUI #1. I'm all good now, back to making lists of things I will have to do around the house to make pregnant life and new baby life easier. I keep picturing Jo when she is big and round and can't touch her toes. Keeping up the daily massage so she feels relaxed and loved and cared for...

So this is it! Two follies + Van Der Beek jizz = baby? Yes, please!

If I don't write much again over the next two weeks it's either because I'm busy crossing everything or I'm trying to distract myself on the infamous TWW.

If I actually have any readers, I would love to hear your stories, advice..?

Until next time xx