Thursday, 29 March 2012

23 weeks

So at 23 weeks I'm feeling a good mix of excitement and nerves :) its becoming more real each day and I love it!

23 weeks!

This week has been a bit same-same on the baby front, Jo's belly is still growing by the minute and if the information I've been reading is anything to go by, baby intends on being twice as big in four weeks!! Now THAT'S a growth spurt!

We have received more goodies from friends this week, with my oldest friend sending a box of lovely baby things and one work mate of Jo's passing along a change table and another a bassinet! My grandma has continued to spoil baby with some adorable Australian animal beanie babies and she even crocheted us a little blanket. This is already one spoiled bub.

A bit tacky but I couldn't help myself!

The gifts my friend sent up :)

Our bassinet

Our change table

Beanie Babies!

Adorable little tops for our little rockstar

Onto a*ahem* more adult subject ... There's quite a bit of frustration in our home right now ;) My wife usually has a very active libido, but has found that pregnancy has put an end to that... Completely... Entirely... Until yesterday... We were a little like teenagers, I felt all giddy and nervous with anticipation (haha) and then it happened... Aunt Flo visited... JUST as evening came along and we were headed to bed for the night :| That's the definition of Murphy's Law, right?!!!

How could I forget?! We got our baby carrier!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

21 and 22 weeks

Firstly, I am so sorry for leaving you all hanging for the last two weeks, if any of you are anything like me you've probably started wondering if something awful has happened :P

I am happy to say that nothing awful has occurred, aside from me being a super lazy blogger that is... All is well with baby and mamma's.

There haven't been a lot of changes over the last two weeks, aside from Jo's tummy growing and growing

21 Weeks

22 Weeks

My favourite time of the day has become going to bed. This isn't because I've turned into a tired old nanna (although sometimes I feel it) but because when we lie down, and all becomes quiet, and the snuggles are lovely and our breathing slows...  Baby wakes up! S/he kicks and rolls and squirms about and I get the honour of placing my hand on Jo's tummy and feeling it. I could spend hours this way. Just my hand and her tummy, mind full of imaginings, hopes, dreams and questions about this little person and who they will turn out to be...

Today I have been remembering telling our parents that we were expecting and it brought a smile to my face so I thought I would share.

Here's a clip of us telling my Grandparents, we gave them a card that had an ultrasound pic on the front and had merry christmas, love Baby Mac on the inside (excuse granddad without a shirt, it's hot here in December hehe)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

20 weeks

If you could see me now you would see me doing the halfway dance!!!!  (think Kate Miller-Heidke's song "I just can't shake it" rather than anything actually resembling dancing hehehe)

We are now TWENTY WEEKS pregnant and going strong!

It has been a beautiful week, lemme give you a run down: 

We met our midwife, who is absolutely lovely. We have decided do go with a local midwife program, which allows you to have the one midwife for the duration of your pregnancy, birth and aftercare. She is the person we see for check ups, the person we will call when we go into labour, the person will meet us at the hospital to help my amazing wife deliver our baby and the person who will visit us at home after to see how we're settling in.

We got our 20 week ultrasound, and our little Baby Mac is still in there, still the cutest foetus you've ever seen and still sucking away on that right hand! We decided to not find out the sex of baby, for once in my life I actually WANT a surprise (trust me, that's NOT in my character)

My favourite part of this week

 ..... * Drumroll please* .....


It was last sunday... Jo was resting on the couch and called me over. She told me to put my hand 'right here' and (with much excitement that she had finally felt movement but massive doubts that I would actually feel anything) I did... and I felt our baby move... It was the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my life and I hope that I never ever forget that moment. Our little baby was kicking away, having a little dance party in there! (S/he gets that from Jo, definitely not me :P ). So now, each evening, I lay me head or my hand on my wifes tummy and talk to our baby and get pummled by tiny limbs and bask in the absolute amazing-ness of it all...

Oh, and I have been shopping again (I think I have a problem...) I brought some forest animal themed fabric to make a cot quilt - stay tuned for that, it should be a HOOT!

I discovered folkmanis puppets, they are ADORABLE and baby wants them ALL

I found a sweet little owl pram toy :)

and I will leave you with the weekly belly shot.


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Photodump #1

I may not be much of a blogger, aside from the weekly updates, I know I don't really say  much aside from "yay! week so ans so. I'm so excited!" hehe.  But I'm definitely a happy-snapper :) So I thought I would treat you all to a peek into my every day life through pictures.
So here goes, these are some pics from my last iPhone backup, enjoy!

Cupcakes for Lily, for her birthday. Made with love by moi!

The man in my life; Thor...  My almost 10 year old Staffy x Ridgeback

What happened to my iPhone when it fell off the bench :(

My first attempt at owl cupcake toppers

My most recent order, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and pink flowers. for a 21st

My sweet niece Maia, she's just learning to hold her own bottle

and here she is in Jo's hat...  Cute much?!

and all tuckered out after a big day being showered with attention by Aunties Tara and Jo

Baby Mac xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

My delish coffee from the farmers market

and an equally delicious coffee from brekky this morning at a local cafe with my love
and an Aunty to be

so, I have been trying to hear baby swooshing about in there hehe,  no luck yet...

new bibs :)

Some baby love newborn nappy samples

and todays final picture: a gift from our hairdresser, how sweet!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

19 weeks

Relaxing with a glass of wine after a very long day at work, watching tv with my love after giving her a calf massage, I am feeling very very content :)

Jo still says she hasn't felt movement but her tummy is just popping right out! She's finding things a little more uncomfortable, I'm helping her off the couch more often and I'm lucky if I even get one pillow at night (but I don't mind)

I'm feeling less concerned about things at the moment. Not so worried about how we will cope financially, I have spoken to a few people who have been there, and their advice is 'you just will'... Also I'm less worried about how to actually manage a new born, I just know we'll be fine.

Next Wednesday we get to see baby again!!!! Eeep!!!! :D