Wednesday, 25 April 2012

27 weeks

Hellooooooo third trimester!

The mix of emotions I'm feeling right now is ridiculous! I'm overwhelmed, excited, nervous, elated... One second I'm feeling happy and ready for anything and the next I'm feeling completely unprepared and out of my depth... Holy crapola this is confusing!

Over the last week we have gone over our budget, set out a plan, and agreed on how we would like things to work. Until now our money and expenses have been relatively separate, but of course, with baby on the way that needs to change. I'm feeling good about what we came up with but also feeling a bit of pressure because I will be almost soley responsible for bringing the bulk of the money in a little later down the track. I hope I can give my family what they need and support us so that Jo can stay home with baby for the 12 months that she would like to.

Hormones have run amok in our home over the last week... It's that lovely pre period time for me, when I'm over sensitive and less patient. It sucks big time because I'm not as able to just let things slide and tend to make a bigger deal out of things than I need to... Not so great when its me V's my pregnant wife! Oh, the beauty of a two woman household :p

I'm still absolutely loving my 'tummy time' each night, it's the best part of my day... But how could it not be? Look at this beautiful belly!!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

25 & 26 weeks

Sooooo I've been slack again... Sorry kids!

We have reached 26 weeks, which means 14 to go, which is only 98 days!!! (give or take, depending on how stubborn this little critter is). Our last midwife appointment went well, everything is pretty much textbook, which suits me fine :)

We had a visit from my mother in law which was so lovely. It was so nice to see my wife and her mother spending time together and grandma to be getting to feel Baby Mac kick and wiggle about. She brought baby some 'beanie kids' which are completely adorable!

Beanie Kids from Grandma
Line dancing beanie kid and dragon beanie kid

We have been spending some more time doing up the nursery, wall stickers are up and look very cute :)

The cot (looking a bit messy) with the wall decals

The change table (also looking messy) with the decals
and some supplies we have started stocking up on

25 weeks

26 weeks

Coming up is the glucose test and our baby shower - which reminds me, we should plan that....


Friday, 6 April 2012

Liebster Blog Award!

It appears that I have been nominated for the 'Liebster Blog Award' :D

I would like to thank the ladies over at for the nomination!!! X

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24 weeks

Tick tock tick tock... Has time slowed down or is it just me?! But only 16 weeks to go!!!

This week baby has started moving around much much more. I was getting about 5 minutes of belly time a day before, but this week I have had so much more which has been so lovely. The movements are becoming so strong and it's now easy to see them from the outside!

What my wife calls 'the crazy' is making the odd appearance, not a lot of fun :p ('the crazy' is the hormonally charged, cranky part of my wife that finds everything I say or do extremely irritating hehe)

Sorry it's a short post, I'm exhausted! (I think my body has decided to take my sleep ins away early!)