Wednesday, 22 February 2012

18 weeks

This week has been rather interesting, what with Jo's pregnancy hormones (the ones that find me quite annoying) coming out again and the PMS monster in me making an appearance in the form of over sensitivity and teariness at any opportunity :/

But we made it!!!! And both in one piece ;)

One day soon I plan to sit down and write more than a couple of paragraphs, I promise...

But for now, a tub of white musk creme from the body shop and my wife's feet beckon :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Parcel for Baby Mac

I came home today to find another parcel on the doorstep for Baby Mac from Nanny and Poppy.

As soon as I was inside I had it ripped open, and, the CUTE stuff inside...


Thursday, 16 February 2012

17 weeks

It's so odd how time can move so fast and so slow at the same time... It feels like we take a belly pic every other day and yet we are only 17 weeks in!

Jo's tummy is ever growing, I can't get enough of it. I have decided that since little Wiggle Butt (I'm trying out names here, and this is what our friend Charlie called baby recently) can pick up sounds now, I will start reading to said tummy and I don't care how lame that is :p Will get back to you on the book.

Most of my (many) apps say Wiggle Butt is about 23cm long if he/she were stretched out. That's so LONG! I can just imagine it in there, all wiggly and cute with its little button nose and chubby cheeks. Come ON July!

Oh! We got the pram. We LOVE it! It's steelcraft brand, reversible. It's so CUTE!

See y'all soon x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Sweet 16

I am just BUSTING with excitement right now. We have reached SIXTEEN WEEKS!!!! In just one month, we will be HALF WAY!

So my brain is going as fast as a mad mouse in an exercise wheel. I've always been a thinker but this is riDYKEulous! If I'm not thinking about what s/he will look like or whether Jo will go into labour early or late I'm thinking about whether we REALLY want just one and IF we want more am I prepared to go through the injections and craziness that Jo did and do I REALLY want to be pregnant and can I even GET pregnant with one tube and goodness knows what scarring going on in there AND what if we got multiples the second time round and what if I can't conceive at all... Woahhhhh Nelly! Let's just get through this first, hey?! Silly brain :) :p

Meanwhile, I also think about what's ACTUALLY happening and am amazed at what little Mac is doing at the moment; practicing breathing his/her amniotic fluid, sleeping and dreaming, making faces and even peeing! Awwww!

Jo is doing well, with a day here and there where she feels ill or super tired. Mainly I think she feels much better, and I'm certain her brain is going as mad as mine... Well, maybe not QUITE as mad hehe.

Oh! Postie is at the door!!!! I hope it's baby stuff!!!


It was! It was!!!! Our wall decals came! They are super adorable, I can't WAIT to put them up! (but alas, I must. The ever sensible preggo said we have to 'test' a teeny tiny one first so we can be sure it won't ruin the paint)

*belly pic coming soon*

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

15 weeks

15 weeks today, feels good :) feels like we are gaining momentum...

I'm sure Jo is completely sick of her tummy space being invaded constantly but I just can't HELP it, I want to touch it all the time XD

it blows me away to think of the little developments each week. This week we have ossification (bones becoming bonier) and reaction to light! {is it awful that I have this urge to just shine a torch at my wife's belly all the time and imagine this little squinty squooshy face reacting to the light?}

No new purchases this week... Sigh... But I am watching a few maternity things for wifey as she is definitely beginning to need them :)

Can't WAIT for 16 weeks! eeeeep!