Friday 10 February 2012

Sweet 16

I am just BUSTING with excitement right now. We have reached SIXTEEN WEEKS!!!! In just one month, we will be HALF WAY!

So my brain is going as fast as a mad mouse in an exercise wheel. I've always been a thinker but this is riDYKEulous! If I'm not thinking about what s/he will look like or whether Jo will go into labour early or late I'm thinking about whether we REALLY want just one and IF we want more am I prepared to go through the injections and craziness that Jo did and do I REALLY want to be pregnant and can I even GET pregnant with one tube and goodness knows what scarring going on in there AND what if we got multiples the second time round and what if I can't conceive at all... Woahhhhh Nelly! Let's just get through this first, hey?! Silly brain :) :p

Meanwhile, I also think about what's ACTUALLY happening and am amazed at what little Mac is doing at the moment; practicing breathing his/her amniotic fluid, sleeping and dreaming, making faces and even peeing! Awwww!

Jo is doing well, with a day here and there where she feels ill or super tired. Mainly I think she feels much better, and I'm certain her brain is going as mad as mine... Well, maybe not QUITE as mad hehe.

Oh! Postie is at the door!!!! I hope it's baby stuff!!!


It was! It was!!!! Our wall decals came! They are super adorable, I can't WAIT to put them up! (but alas, I must. The ever sensible preggo said we have to 'test' a teeny tiny one first so we can be sure it won't ruin the paint)

*belly pic coming soon*