Monday, 29 October 2012

Proud Mamma Monday

Another week beginning already!

Elijah was 14 weeks old yesterday and he's just getting more and more interested in the world around him and what his body can do.

He's no longer content to just sleep when we go on outings, he wants to be up and looks at everything. He loves to smile and coo at anyone that glances his way, and most people do ;)

He's so fascinated by his own hands and feet right now, grabbing at things and holding things. He tries to hold his bottle now, and can even do it for a few moments. I'm so proud! My clever little Elijah :)

I'm also proud of J and I this week! We went out for the first time!!! It was so difficult to leave my boy, but I had such a lovely time with my wifey. We had a deeeelish dinner at a local restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was so lovely to come home (less than an hour and a half after leaving hehehe) to find him sound asleep, just as we'd left him.

I'm absolutely LOVING this mummy gig, if its not obvious ;)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Monday, 22 October 2012

Proud Mamma Monday

This week has been interesting...

Poor bubba is teething (not so much actually cutting teeth as just being in pain from sore gummies) this equates to a very grumbly baby and two tired mums, J more so than me, because she's the milky mum and is the one that has been up at all hours with him.

It's so hard to watch our little one in pain :( We have tried teething toys (which work, but as he can't hold them himself very well, they're not really that effective), he prefers his hands or ours to much down on (it hurts too! He's got some jaw strength!) We finally resorted to baby Panadol the other day, which gave him some relief. We don't like the thought of too much medication, but a little to take the edge off did the trick.

When he's not in pain, he's still the happy, grinny boy we know and love =D and just as clever as ever! Learning new things every day. He's become fascinate by his own hands and splashing around in the bath is his new favourite thing to do.

This week, I'm most proud that he is big and strong enough to sit up in his bumbo chair - look at him!!!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Proud Mamma Monday

I am in awe of this little guy and the amazing things he can do...

Now 12 weeks old, Elijah is bringing everything to his mouth. I'm sure that the day will come when I kick myself for saying this, but it makes me proud :) He's right on track and even if it means the days of everything being covered in dribble are on their way, it's fantastic :)

He's also trying SO hard to roll over, it's just that darn arm keeps getting in the way :p

Monday, 1 October 2012

Proud Mamma Monday

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first Proud Mamma Monday :)
Today my amazing little boy has decided he's a big boy and we are not sure we're ready!!!
Let me explain...
We have had Elijah sleeping in a bassinet beside our bed since we brought him home all those weeks ago... Until today...
He has been getting more boisterous with his kicking and playing and the bassinet has begun rocking a little too much for our liking. We have been discussing when the right time would be to move him to his cot (Which isn in his room!!! As in not in our room!!)
We decided this morning to move his day sleeps to his cot, just to see how he goes and ease our way into moving him into his own room permanently. I am so proud of my beautiful boy, he went exceptionally well! The first nap was a little unsettled but the last nap of the day was awesome! He woke a little, had a kick and a play then settled himself back to sleep! (Which he hasn't really even done in his bassinet)
We thought it would take him days to become comfortable but because he did so well, we had a decision to make... and it was so hard! So much harder than I thought it would be...
After some uncertainty and a cuddle we decided to give him the opportunity to try tonight's sleep in there too.
Although this is a very hard transition for his mums, I couldn't be more proud. He's in there right now. In his big boy cot in his own room... My clever boy :)
I hope it goes well, wish me luck! Hopefully he has a good nights sleep (I have a feeling his mums won't be :p)

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