Saturday, 31 December 2011

10 weeks

Well this last week has been... interesting...

I'm happy to report that in spite of the hormones flying madly about the place, my face is still attached to my head and I'm still doing my best to make my darling happy, fed and comfortable (even if it is from the inside of a shark cage lol) Which is pretty hard when I'm PMSing like a bitch also - oh the joys of having two uteruses/uteri? In one house hehehe

Jo has been feeling a little better in the morning (all-fucking-day-mainly-in-the-afternoon) sickness department though, which is a relief - more for her than myself I'll admit. It's been so nice to see her enjoy eating a little more.

Oh! and we told some more people :D we told her mum and dad first on Christmas eve and then drove around to my Grandparents and told them, the reactions were fantastic!!! We also told another couple, which was hard because one of them has recently found out that she has to have more operations that will mean she will not be able to bear children... It was hard to tell them but we were sensitive and they were gracious.

Onwards and upwards: we are 11 weeks on Wednesday and then a week later we get our next scan SOOOO EXCITED! This time it will look like a BABY!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

9 weeks

Wow time flies! I wish our TTC (trying to conceive) time felt like it had gone so quickly!

Jo is still feeling like shit almost 24/7... I'm still trying to just keep food coming (or take it away, depending on the vomit metre)

Our little fetus is about as big as a grape now. A lovely little grape with arms and legs and eyelids and even a little nose :) I just wish I could peek in there every morning and say 'hellllooooo little baby! We love you!' :p I can't wait to meet him/her.

I am still very owl focused, owl baby stuff is just THE CUTEST! Lookout eBay ;)

... I have just realised that I haven't blogged about her spotting over the last couple of weeks... Well, she has been. But only a little, and only brownish 'blood'. Dr said its fine and we aren't too stressed about it - well, I think Jo has found it very confronting but we are just not focusing on it.

Only a couple more days til Christmas! I can't wait to see their faces!!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How to tell the grandparents

Right now, I am obsessed with YouTube clips of people telling their parents they are pregnant!

I like the ones where they think they are posing for a photograph and the parents say 'say so-and-so is pregnant!' instead of 'say cheese! and are actually recording the whole time. Priceless!

I think with my grandparents (my parents are not in my life) we will give them a card like we did with my sister and tell Grandma to read it out loud. I can see it now "Dear Nanny and Poppy... AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" lol

With Jo's parents we will do something similar, her mum is so going to CRY!! I can't wait :D

Sunday, 18 December 2011

We caved

We caved in and have told some people our news :D

With Christmas coming up, and being so freaking excited about it all we couldn't help it!!

We told our close friends (a couple that we are close to) the other day and just now told my sister and her partner - it was so lovely, we gave them one of those Christmas cards that you put your own photo in, and used our ultrasound pic. It was 'from the baby' hehe. Everyone is stoked...

My sister has already started talking about the things she can give us (she has a 4ish month old so has lots of baby stuff) and our friends rocked up the other day with a case of lemonade and ginger marmalade :)

Here's my sis Kirra opening the card

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

8 weeks

Only four more weeks to go and we're done with the first trimester!

I can totally feel a difference in her tummy now. I swear I have bern able to from the start but I can REALLY feel it now. I love hugging her because when my tummy presses on hers I can feel the firmness - love it :D

No big changes this week, Jo is still feeling like total arse and I hate that I can't help her feel better but hopefully it tapers off soon.

Check out the 8 week pic!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Stupid brain

So I am having these moments of total paralysing fear... I keep thinking 'what if the baby doesn't LIKE me?'

I KNOW I am being a moron, and I have NO IDEA where this is coming from but I haven't been able to shake it for a couple of days. Ugh... Stupid brain...

Bright side: 8 WEEKS TOMORROW!!!

Friday, 9 December 2011

First ultrasound

Was amazing... I was in awe, I'm in love, I'm so relieved!

Obviously it looks like a blob at just over seven weeks but it's the most spectacular little blob there ever was :) We saw its little heart beating away like mad and the ultrasound lady kept saying 'baby' which was nice (rather then foetus or something) "this is baby's yolk sac" "this is baby's heartbeat" "this is baby's head end"

*grin grin grin*

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

7 weeks

Another week flies by :)

Poor Jay is so sick still... I have been doing some reading and the whole herbal tea or ginger concoctions are NOT an option for her, I would have to have her restrained to even get it anywhere near her mouth hehe.

Hot chips, pies, lemonade and mentos however are working a treat hehe. Well, until about yesterday when she hasn't really been able to eat :(

I'm doing my best to be a helpful wifey and made some chicken soup which she thankfully has been able to eat. Today I brought some peppermint essential oil and some anti nausea wrist bands, she'll try those tomorrow - I hope they work.

Because we are only at 7 weeks we obviously haven't made any announcements yet, but I feel like its written all over my face! Especially when I look at her, I can't help but grin! We had a friend over this evening and I absentmindedly patted/rubbed Jay's tummy. Thanks to my super quick thinking this was rather seamlessly (lol) changed to a boisterous knee pat ppffft :p

I can't wait for Friday :D

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sick sick sick

Poor thing :( she's so ill. She's nauseated almost all of the time, has vomited and is trying to fend off a headache. Like clockwork the 'morning' sickness has well and truly started (morning my ass by the way)

It seems that carbs help to settle her tummy; hot chips, toast etc. While anything with a squishy texture makes her gag.

I'm trying my best to be helpful and supportive. Brekky in bed, cuddles, buying her mentos in bulk lol. I wish I could do something to make her feel better but obviously I can't.

Seven weeks on Wednesday and first ultrasound this friday, I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Friday, 2 December 2011

A must see

This is fantastic! Makes me proud to be a lesbian mama