Wednesday 21 December 2011

9 weeks

Wow time flies! I wish our TTC (trying to conceive) time felt like it had gone so quickly!

Jo is still feeling like shit almost 24/7... I'm still trying to just keep food coming (or take it away, depending on the vomit metre)

Our little fetus is about as big as a grape now. A lovely little grape with arms and legs and eyelids and even a little nose :) I just wish I could peek in there every morning and say 'hellllooooo little baby! We love you!' :p I can't wait to meet him/her.

I am still very owl focused, owl baby stuff is just THE CUTEST! Lookout eBay ;)

... I have just realised that I haven't blogged about her spotting over the last couple of weeks... Well, she has been. But only a little, and only brownish 'blood'. Dr said its fine and we aren't too stressed about it - well, I think Jo has found it very confronting but we are just not focusing on it.

Only a couple more days til Christmas! I can't wait to see their faces!!


  1. I think your journey is truly amazing!! I am one of the girls from iperiod... My partner and I were ttc also and we got our bfp around the same time as you two did. You two gave us hope that it can happen. I wish you all the best in your journey!!

  2. Aw yay! My first comment :D I'm so glad my little blog has been helpful to you two :) Congrats on the pregnancy! X