Friday, 29 June 2012

37 weeks

Well, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; we are 37 weeks! We now sit happily in the 'full term' bracket and wait... Not so patiently, I should add.

It's now just days (DAYS!!!!!) until our little ones due date, and even if s/he decided to be late, it's still only a maximum of 14 days that we would need to wait on top of that. How can it seem so close but so far at the same time?!?

Our midwife has said that baby is almost locked and loaded. The head is in the right spot but the body is a little off kilter, not sure what that means really... {note to self: ask midwife what that actually means}

Baby is still moving around a lot. Especially after, ah herm... Romance... (:p) endorphins? We can now tell a little bottom apart from the tiny tootsies quite easily. Oh my goodness I can't wait to actually SEE this little person! Those little hands and feet, that little face!

J is struggling a little more each day, trying to sleep, trying to get comfortable, trying to go for a walk without having to stop to catch her breath every few metres. But she doesn't complain. She just gets through it. I'm so proud of her :)

I'll leave you with the weekly belly shot:

Thursday, 28 June 2012

36 weeks

At only 4 weeks until our due date, baby is still kicking and hiccuping away happily, bags have been packed, lists have been written and our household has gone into emotional overdrive...

I'm really feeling for J right now, she seems so uncomfortable with all the reflux and next to no sleep I'm honestly a little concerned that she has retreated a little and seems a bit unhappy at the moment, but I'm trying to remind myself of how overwhelmed, tired and uncomfortable she is right now. I try to be a supportive partner and I try to just bite my tongue rather than speak up but alas, sometimes I can't and things become a little less than fantastic, but it never lasts long and we always move forward.

Aside from the sometimes tense moments, life is amazing and I cannot WAIT for this baby to arrive!

Here's the 36 week belly pic:

Sunday, 24 June 2012

34 and 35 weeks

I have again been awfully slack on the blogging front, tsk tsk. I apologise for leaving you hanging!

But check this out!!!

So, the countdown is on. As of tomorrow, Baby Mac is due in 30 days

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been getting more prepared, bags are almost packed, room is ready, everything is set up for baby...

Now, we wait :)

At 35 weeks we had another ultrasound. (if you remember from previous blogs, The placenta was a little low, so we got an extra one) Placenta is well and truly out of the way now. Baby is measuring about 6lbs, which means of all the books are correct, and we go full term baby will be about 8.5lbs! :O

My absolute favourite part of the last couple of weeks has got to be the ultrasound... We saw the baby's FACE! I mean properly, like a photo, like the cutest black and white picture you've ever seen in your life! Baby had the cutest little mouth and a little button nose. Both J and I were in total awe. My heart stopped when I saw that beautiful face... To think that I'll be kissing that little face in no time at all XD

Unfortunately, we didn't he a pic of that, but we did get a very cute print out of his/her profile :)

Baby Mac, 35 weeks, profile (sucking thumb...again...)

34 weeks

35 weeks

Monday, 11 June 2012

33 weeks

33 weeks in, I still have moments of 'Wow! This is real!' ... Right now, it's more commonly 'shit! Are we ready?!!' :p

Jo has had several people tell her she's dropped, and is carrying really low. A few have even said that they'd put money on her going early. She's carried quite low the whole pregnancy, with movements and baby's heartbeat always way down near her pubic area... But I can't help but think its a sign she's going to go early, and dare I say, even hope a little ;)

We've started packing our hospital bags and have a list of house chores that we want to get done before baby is here... We've arranged for J's mum to come a week or so before our due date and I have pencilled in my leave. J has 9 working days left and then she can relax and rest a bit before it all happens.

I feel so full of love and hope and happiness right now. Never have I felt so much purpose. Each day I feel my heart swell a little more, each time I lay my head on my love's belly and feel our baby move, I am overwhelmed with a feeling of total awe. I can't wait to meet this person, and spend my life teaching and learning and being a mummy.