Sunday 24 June 2012

34 and 35 weeks

I have again been awfully slack on the blogging front, tsk tsk. I apologise for leaving you hanging!

But check this out!!!

So, the countdown is on. As of tomorrow, Baby Mac is due in 30 days

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been getting more prepared, bags are almost packed, room is ready, everything is set up for baby...

Now, we wait :)

At 35 weeks we had another ultrasound. (if you remember from previous blogs, The placenta was a little low, so we got an extra one) Placenta is well and truly out of the way now. Baby is measuring about 6lbs, which means of all the books are correct, and we go full term baby will be about 8.5lbs! :O

My absolute favourite part of the last couple of weeks has got to be the ultrasound... We saw the baby's FACE! I mean properly, like a photo, like the cutest black and white picture you've ever seen in your life! Baby had the cutest little mouth and a little button nose. Both J and I were in total awe. My heart stopped when I saw that beautiful face... To think that I'll be kissing that little face in no time at all XD

Unfortunately, we didn't he a pic of that, but we did get a very cute print out of his/her profile :)

Baby Mac, 35 weeks, profile (sucking thumb...again...)

34 weeks

35 weeks

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