Wednesday 7 December 2011

7 weeks

Another week flies by :)

Poor Jay is so sick still... I have been doing some reading and the whole herbal tea or ginger concoctions are NOT an option for her, I would have to have her restrained to even get it anywhere near her mouth hehe.

Hot chips, pies, lemonade and mentos however are working a treat hehe. Well, until about yesterday when she hasn't really been able to eat :(

I'm doing my best to be a helpful wifey and made some chicken soup which she thankfully has been able to eat. Today I brought some peppermint essential oil and some anti nausea wrist bands, she'll try those tomorrow - I hope they work.

Because we are only at 7 weeks we obviously haven't made any announcements yet, but I feel like its written all over my face! Especially when I look at her, I can't help but grin! We had a friend over this evening and I absentmindedly patted/rubbed Jay's tummy. Thanks to my super quick thinking this was rather seamlessly (lol) changed to a boisterous knee pat ppffft :p

I can't wait for Friday :D

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