Monday 29 October 2012

Proud Mamma Monday

Another week beginning already!

Elijah was 14 weeks old yesterday and he's just getting more and more interested in the world around him and what his body can do.

He's no longer content to just sleep when we go on outings, he wants to be up and looks at everything. He loves to smile and coo at anyone that glances his way, and most people do ;)

He's so fascinated by his own hands and feet right now, grabbing at things and holding things. He tries to hold his bottle now, and can even do it for a few moments. I'm so proud! My clever little Elijah :)

I'm also proud of J and I this week! We went out for the first time!!! It was so difficult to leave my boy, but I had such a lovely time with my wifey. We had a deeeelish dinner at a local restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was so lovely to come home (less than an hour and a half after leaving hehehe) to find him sound asleep, just as we'd left him.

I'm absolutely LOVING this mummy gig, if its not obvious ;)

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