Wednesday 1 February 2012

15 weeks

15 weeks today, feels good :) feels like we are gaining momentum...

I'm sure Jo is completely sick of her tummy space being invaded constantly but I just can't HELP it, I want to touch it all the time XD

it blows me away to think of the little developments each week. This week we have ossification (bones becoming bonier) and reaction to light! {is it awful that I have this urge to just shine a torch at my wife's belly all the time and imagine this little squinty squooshy face reacting to the light?}

No new purchases this week... Sigh... But I am watching a few maternity things for wifey as she is definitely beginning to need them :)

Can't WAIT for 16 weeks! eeeeep!

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  1. I feel the same! It's so lovely to be able to read about your experience, from a completely different part of the world, but so similar to us.