Sunday 29 January 2012

Hatching, cots and one beautiful belly

We brought our cot and have put it up in what will be Baby Mac's room...

It's the loveliest cot, it's makes me feel all full of butterflies and hope when I go in there. I just want to sleep in there, right on the floor, so I can be surrounded by all the lovely things we have brought and been gifted...

Is it too soon? It feels a bit soon, but we can't help ourselves - it doesn't help that all the yearly sales are on now. We would be silly not to get the bargains while we can ($500 off the cot!) but are we silly for not waiting? What are your opinions my bloggy friends?

Meanwhile, I already cannot keep my hands of her belly!!!! It's already so round and lovely. I can't WAIT until its bigger :D

Oh! And I had a major 'hatching' experience this weekend. Let me start by saying that I LOVE BBQ chicken. I could eat a whole chicken if I was allowed, the smell usually makes my tummy rumble and I can't wait to get into it... WELL, not this weekend! Jobrought one to have on sandwiches for lunch and as soon as she got it into the car, I GAGGED, like really gagged, and had to stay outside while she made her lunch. She thought it was hilarious, which of course it was. It was the strangest feeling ever. Very gross but also very cool to get some insight into what my wife's been feeling each night when I cook dinner :) I'm happy to report, that later that day I did manage to have some chicken ;)


  1. What a beautiful cot.... No it isn't silly.... So adorable how excited you both are K xx

  2. Not silly at all! My wife had our crib bought and set-up by the time I was 10 weeks pregnant. It's all so exciting - no need to hold yourself back!