Thursday 26 January 2012

14 weeks! Hello second trimester!

We made it! My wife is SO clever :D she has created this little creature and kept it safe all the way to the second trimester! I could squeal!

She started feeling much better closer to tri2 but not so much right now :/ hopefully it's just a fleeting reminder that bubs is in there, powering away rather than an indication of what's to come :s

We went to the target baby sale... It was so much fun! We spent SO MUCH MONEY without really batting an eye... Well, I didn't. Poor Jo almost fell over teehee. But we now have a car seat, a portable cot, a swinger bouncer thing, a video baby monitor and my sister has given us a baby bath :)

Presents are starting to come, we received a parcel addressed to 'baby Mac' from 'Nanny and Poppy' yesterday - from my grandparents. It was full of tiny baby clothes and a plush kookaburra, with sound :D - I love the kookaburra because that's my favourite Australian animal, my totem even... So it's a bit special.

I can't keep my hands of her tummy, it's changed so much already - I'm loving it.

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  1. I hope your wife is feeling better soon. Pregnancy can be HARD sometimes! But the payoff is pretty damn amazing. Congrats on trimester 2!