Thursday 5 January 2012

11 weeks!

Week eleven feels like heaven?


Poor darling is still so ill. She has spent today between the couch, bed and the loo for vomit sessions :(

We have told a few more of our closest friends, and the news has been met with tears, squeals, and all round happiness.

We have brought our nappy bag set and have agreed on a woodland theme for the nursery (which means huge tree wall sticker, of course!!!!)

I have been googling like CRAZY and have 'right-click-saved' sooooo many pics of SUPER CUTE stuff like:

                                                      Super cute YODA BEANIES!

ADORABLE crochet animals like Mr Fox here

We LOVE the 3 in 1 sleigh cots :)

and of course, the weekly post would not be complete without the weekly belly pic:

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