Thursday 29 March 2012

23 weeks

So at 23 weeks I'm feeling a good mix of excitement and nerves :) its becoming more real each day and I love it!

23 weeks!

This week has been a bit same-same on the baby front, Jo's belly is still growing by the minute and if the information I've been reading is anything to go by, baby intends on being twice as big in four weeks!! Now THAT'S a growth spurt!

We have received more goodies from friends this week, with my oldest friend sending a box of lovely baby things and one work mate of Jo's passing along a change table and another a bassinet! My grandma has continued to spoil baby with some adorable Australian animal beanie babies and she even crocheted us a little blanket. This is already one spoiled bub.

A bit tacky but I couldn't help myself!

The gifts my friend sent up :)

Our bassinet

Our change table

Beanie Babies!

Adorable little tops for our little rockstar

Onto a*ahem* more adult subject ... There's quite a bit of frustration in our home right now ;) My wife usually has a very active libido, but has found that pregnancy has put an end to that... Completely... Entirely... Until yesterday... We were a little like teenagers, I felt all giddy and nervous with anticipation (haha) and then it happened... Aunt Flo visited... JUST as evening came along and we were headed to bed for the night :| That's the definition of Murphy's Law, right?!!!

How could I forget?! We got our baby carrier!


  1. Ugh, so sorry to hear about that rotten old Aunt Flo. I hope she leaves you in peace soon!

    In other news, I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Blog Award!

  2. Thank you and thank you for the nomination! :o

  3. lol that is def Murphy's Law!! Damn that Aunt Flow but soon enough she will be gone! I love the baby things you have gotten and I love how round her belly is becoming!!

  4. Thanks! I love her tummy too! Getting so round :)

    The shirts are from 'rock my baby' (I found these on eBay)

    Thanks for all the comments, lovelies! X