Monday 17 September 2012

We're on Twitter!

Sooooo, this newborn thing doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging. Kudos to all the mums that have been able to keep it up!

I have made a (loose) commitment to blog at least once a month but have created a twitter account for anyone that would like to follow along (and see looooooots of pictures of the cutest baby in Australia, maybe even the world! Haha)

Find me on twitter: @2aussiemammas

While I'm here, I'd better leave a quick update :)

Our boy is now 8 weeks, 1 day old! He's still a very good boy, but has more 'personality' these days ;) He loves his baths and showers.


He's still a good eater, LOVES his food. He's started sleeping 6-7 hours straight during the night but still isn't keen on sleeping thought the day. He loves 'dancing', especially to P!INK and Wonky Donkey :D


He's started 'swatting' at his toys on his play mat. He's moved from 0000 to 000 clothes...

What else? Hmmm. There's so much more but I'm drawing a blank!


Promise I'll try to blog more regularly, in the mean time don't forget to follow us in twitter!!

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