Tuesday 16 July 2013

I've been meaning to blog...

I've been meaning to blog but I've not been sure how to follow my last soul bearing secret revealing post... Do I go on about how shit I feel or do I go back to 'normal'

Then I decided to just write, with no expectations, no pressure or rules.


I've been a bit fragile, but I've been ok. I have my second meeting with my psych tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it in an odd kind of way. After the first meeting, I knew I was in for some good ole fashioned fixin' - she's good! She read me like a book. She pegged mother issues in three seconds flat ;) I was given homework; write, in point form, the events in my life that affected me the most and rate them 1-10 how they affected me then, and how they affect me now. I've done part of it. I just can't bring myself to rank them, it feels odd.

On to happier things, Elijah is more and more amazing each day. He loves to make us laugh and is becoming more and more the dare devil, climbing on the arms of couches and Jo even found him standing on too of his toy box today!!! 

Although he's not much interested in talking, he's getting very good at letting us know what he wants through body language and loves to take our hand to bring us to where he wants us to be :) He gives me the most lovely, slobbery kisses and is starting to get the gist of hugging back which is just lovely!

He loves peas and sultanas and every kind of meat. He's not so into vegetables like zucchini and cauliflower but I'll find a way to sneak them in ;) 

His favorite TV shows are Little Charlie Bear and In The Night Garden. We still read to him every night but he can't be trusted with books, he just eats them! (A hunger for knowledge?) I still tear up with most books, especially "mummy's kisses", "Koala Lou" and "Hunwick's Egg".

His party is planned, the RSVP's are in and I'm all set to get cracking with the baking come Thursday night. I really hope that the party turns out how it is in my mind. I just want it to be perfect for him. We've decided on a woodland theme. We went with a woodland theme for his nursery, so it ties in nicely.

Thank you to everyone that has given advice, shared their story and offered support since I last blogged. I really, truly appreciate it.

Note: I can't appear to comment from my mobile? I'm not ignoring the comments here on the blog, promise!

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