Monday 26 August 2013

Another month has passed

How did that even happen!? 

This last month has been a little crazy, and I haven't gotten around to blogging aside from the occasional pic for Silent Sunday. I won't apologize, you're all used to it by now ;)

Sadly, we said goodbye to my Great Uncle Geoffrey. He was a gorgeous man, never letting the fact that he had Downs Syndrome get in the way of leading an amazing life. He will be very missed, but I'm so proud that I can say I knew him.

In other news, Elijah has changed so so much. Babbling non stop and even cracking out a "mum mum mum" for me the other day. He often sounds like he's telling a funny story and looks at you like; "do you even understand me, lady?". He has cut his bottom molars, boy that was AWFUL! His previous teething was nothing compared to that. We were almost in tears, seeing him in that much pain - to top it off, as he was teething, he broke out in a rash and got blisters around his little mouth so stopped eating for a few days. He was diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth disease, which has now passed. Phew!

That's a little update for you all. Sorry it's short and sweet, so much to do so little time!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. It sounds like he was a wonderful person.
    And glad to hear Elijah is feeling better, too! We're working on those molars and it's so much worse than any other teething. Poor little things!