Sunday 13 October 2013

Silent Sunday


  1. Hi. I love stopping in to your blog and seeing what you have been up to. I used to live in the Northern Rivers and miss the coast terribly and your pictures always take me right back!

    Because your blog always puts a smile on my face I've listed you for the Sunshine Award over on my little blog


    1. Thanks Mum Dainty! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply - I've been busy procrastinating ;)

      I LOVE it here on the Northern Rivers, wouldn't swap it :)

      Will get onto the Sunshine Award shortly, perhaps It'll be the post to get me back in the swing of blogging!

  2. Thanks :)

    They're so adorable together, it's just lovely to watch them play.

    He has a lot of hair doesn't he!? He gets that from Jo, he's already had one hair cut and is booked in for another! I think we'll go a big boy style this time :D