Sunday 31 July 2011


So this blog was supposed to be entitled: "FERNS!!!" But alas, today we get pebbles...

Although we are not inseminating until Jo's next cycle, and the clinic has not advised us we need to chart as they will be monitoring her with blood tests and scans, we have continued to track  ovulation for 'fun' using our maybe baby ovulation predictor kit Hmmmmm... Fun :/

We are on the same cycle so we both check, no idea why - I guess I'm a curious little kitty... Anywho, I'm ovulating, which is completely bloody useless to us at this point. It seems though, that Jo is not :s again... Yesterday her results were a lovely pebble and maybe tiny little ferns and today - just pebbles. There's this unspoken fear right now that she does not ovulate... :( We will check again tomorrow and we WILL have ferns! :) I won't be testing anymore, I'm pretty sure it's not helping ;)

That aside - we are VERY VERY EXCITED!!! In  a month we will be at the clinic, with that lovely little concoction being placed where it needs to go, and we are continuing with our mantra "it will work the first time!" (and yes, readers, we are very aware that this is verrrrry unlikely, but we can dream :p)

On another happy note, I am also ridiculously excited that in a couple of weeks my beautiful little sister Kirra will be a mummy :) I am so proud of her and so happy for her and cannot WAIT to meet the little one :D She has been talking to her bubby and telling him/her to get a message to OUR bubby that it's almost time :)

Hear that squirt? It's almost time...

T xx

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