Thursday 30 June 2011


well, as the title suggests...  WOAH!

So much has happened in 24 hours. Well - it feels that way :)

We went to our clinic for the final nurse appointment, I thought we would be meeting with Curly Nurse but that wasn't to be, I was a little disappointed at first but when we sat down with On and Off Glasses Nurse I was relieved that she was just as nice.

We went into a more medical styled room than previous meetings and talked for a long while about what to expect, what we needed to do from here, what the clinic needed to do from here, costs etc etc etc.  She was warm and open and answered all of our questions.  She gushed over the fact that from Cycle Day 1 of our first insem cycle I will be giving up a whopping 10 minutes a day to give Jo a massage...  She was straight and indicated that this would not be the norm in a hetero relationship - poor straighties lol. I felt all puffed up and important hehehe...

I'm noticing some changes for me, some feelings about my role as 'the other mother'. Good changes :) I feel so much more protective of Jo at the moment.  I have noticed myself doing little things like placing my hand at the small of her back when we are entering a building, or making sure she's covered by the umbrella if it's raining...  It's so often me that's being protected, sheilded, cared for.  I like this new role! I feel important and strong. Hope it stays that way ;)

I digress, oops :)

Back to what's next...  So, Jo had blood drawn for the final pre-insem blood work to check her chromosomes.  We were given the medication that Jay will have to jab herself with from day 2 of her August cycle, we were given a bunch of literature and the instructions for what to do when Day 1 of August Cycle comes along: We are to call the clinic and let them know, start jabbing on Day 2, have bloods done on day 8-10 depending on what Dr says and then it might be bloods every day or every second day then it will be a trip up to the clinic where she will have an ultrasound to check follicle status then we might insem or be told it's a few days off or she might be given a trigger shot (more of the same meds I think, just a bigger dose to make the actual ovulation happen) then da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SQUIRT! :P

So, now we wait, we prepare...  We chat about babies, talk about pregnancy, discuss what if's, dream about tiny fingers and toes and gush over baby clothes on numerous websites (well, that part is just me hehe)

Oh! and we have brought our sperm.  Yep! This morning...  As mentioned before, we aren't starting til August/September (depending on Jo's cycle) but we emailed the Sperm Bank with our top three donor pick to find that they had only 1 amp of our least favourite in stock and they are being reviewed so they are getting no more in eff knows how long :( sooooo, we grabbed it...  Brings up quite a few questions: "what if it doesn't work first go?" "What about related siblings if we want more?" hmmmmm :s We came up with "we'll deal with it" lol - simple.  It is what it is folks, we may have two more more unrelated lezzo raised babies.  Shock horror :P but...  We'll deal with it ;)

ahhhhhh, there ya go. That's the last 24 hours...

Tara xx

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