Tuesday 21 June 2011

First post

I decided to start a blog after finding some great blogs out there that have helped me gain some insight into the adventure that my wife and I are just beginning... I guess I would like to have a place to express my feelings on the process, on being 'the other mother' and maybe help some of you along the way, even if it's just letting you know you aren't alone...

We have been together for a few years now, and had our wedding in May... It's not legal in NSW Australia yet but who cares? For us, the next step is babies.

Jo is older than me so it was decided that she will try first, and then I might try later on... I think she may have surprised herself a little with wanting to carry and I have surprised myself by discovering that I may not actually want to... I know for sure that our decisions have surprised a few of our friends and family :p I think that becasue Jo is the more 'butch' of the two of us (which is not hard because I would be labelled as being very 'femme') people make assumptions...

So, at this point we have done a lot of the pre insemm stuff; We have found a great GP locally, have travelled up to our clinic where we have met with the nurse - counsellor - Doctor and we have even chosen our donor. Next step is the IUI. We have to wait until August as Jo had to have the chicken pox jab and there's a no go period before you can get pregnant.

We are very hopeful and excited right now - getting prepped for the rollercoaster to come - stay tuned...

More posts to come, I'm doing this on my phone and it's proving quite difficult. Please excuse any typos :)

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