Tuesday 28 June 2011

Next step

So tomorrow we have the next step in baby making... We are going to meet with Curly Nurse again. This time with not so much "hi, how are ya?" and with more "you'll inject this here and we will scan at this time and then squirty squirt squirt"

It's exciting, this next step - because it means we are almost there... It means that we are that little bit closer to having our little family :)

Jo hasn't really been charting religiously, I was a bit full on about it to start with but no one has really told us that she should so we've slacked off... We do temperature, and the maybe baby saliva ovulation tester - it has never shown ovulation but maybe she's doing it at the wrong time...

I did it tonight, just for fun cause I'm at day 14 of my cycle and feeling ovulaty :p and ta daaaaa: ferns... Ferns are good - ferns mean ovulation. But they were my 'just for fun ferns' not Jo's real baby making ferns... I think it made her feel not so good and that me feel a little thoughtless. I don't think I need to do a just for fun spit test again :s

Back to yay... Yay!!! :) tomorrow is the last appointment before THE appointment. Then it's gonna work first try and it's all gonna be perfect and we will have great Christmas news for everyone :)

Back soon, Tara

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