Monday 5 November 2012

Proud Mamma Monday

This week has been so hard. Poor Elijah caught his first cold and has been very unwell, and to make matters worse, J has caught it from him, poor petal :(

At first we thought he was out if sorts because he hadn't pooped in about 10 days, but a quick trip to the Dr had us reassured that he wasn't constipated, just didn't need to poop (and my god did he rectify that situation a couple of days later!!!)

He's gone back to waking every couple of hours, his eyes all weepy and crusty, his little nose all blocked up. I've done my best to be at the ready with a warm facecloth, the snot sucker and a cuddle.

This week I'm so proud of my boy for being strong and still being able to crack a smile at his mums. I'm also very proud of us for getting through the week, it was HARD!


  1. :( Poor sick baby. Hopefully he starts feeling better soon.

  2. it's so awful when they're sick, and too little for us to explain that it will pass. and it's so exhausting for everyone involved!
    i hope little elijah is much better soon.