Tuesday 4 December 2012

Life is grand

Since I last blogged, we have had a few fun 'firsts', a visit from Grandma, made new friends and experienced lots of the usual daily joys like being peed on, puked on and cleaning up poop :)

First was a weekend visit from Elijah's Grandma. It was so lovely to get to see them bond. They have met before (if you remember, she stayed with us when he was born) but now that he is bigger, they got to interact and play. She read him bed time stories, fed him his bottle and had lots of Grandma snuggles.

 He even got in the Movember spirit ;)

We've enjoyed a day trip up the coast to meet up with friends that have just gotten engaged. We had a lovely lunch and a great catch up while they fawned all over Elijah, as Aunties do. They have asked J to be their 'head suit' i.e Best Man and Elijah will be a page boy! I can't WAIT to see them in their suits together! I'm gonna die of cuteness overload, I'm sure of it!

While we were there, we took the opportunity to take Elijah to the beach for the first time. He loved it! He grinned and giggled and was fascinated by the waves. We didn't go for a swim but we did put his feet in the water for minute which he thought was fantastic!

Elijah is going well with formula feeding and although it wasn't in our plan, J and I are doing ok with it too. J has had no issues with drying her milk up, thank goodness. We can now space his feeds out to the 4 hour mark, which was impossible to do before and he guzzles his 180ml in no time flat! He's also loving his baby cereal in the morning, but as soon as it goes cold, watch out! He'll let you know he's not happy about it ;)

I'm loving being a mummy, so much. It has it's moments but I wake up each morning happy and grateful and love coming home from work to my beautiful wife and son each day. Life is grand.

So much other stuff has happened, so stay tuned!


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