Monday 7 January 2013

5 1/2 months already?!

It's been almost a month since I last sat down and blogged properly... oops!

And ELijah is already 5 1/2 months old! When did that even happen!!?
I think I may just have to bite the bullet and admit I'm not one of those super duper fantastic bloggers that post inspiring, heartwarming and loooooooong blog posts several times a week.  I do however, post pictures of my adooooooorable son... 
Look at that face!!!
Since my last post, life has been quiet and slow - just how I like it.
Christmas was a smaller stress than usual this year, with J's parents coming to spend it with us and the rest of our families staying home. Elijah was spoilt rotten, of course. We were good and just got books and some lovely wooden toys for him. Everyone else went a little mad. I was really pleased that he actually seemed to be interested in opening his presents, tearing the paper (even if only to then be distracted and attempt to devour said paper)
ELijah can now make his way from one spot on the floor to another. I'm not sure if he has mastered teleportation or 'the worm' as he usually moves from where I put him when I turn my back hehe. He still insists that he has forgotten how to roll back to front but is rolling front to back a lot - enjoying tummy time much much more now, doing some great push ups :)
He can now sit for a short period of time on his own, how fantastic is that!!!!? It's so freaking cute to watch. It makes me well up with pride to see him growing stronger each day and mastering all his milestones. I'm certain that he will surprise us one day soon and just start running around :P
We are moving on and up in the world of solids (or more precisely "mushy mushy goodness"). Sometimes he's really into eating, doing what we call the 'baby bird' where he stretches his neck out and opens his mouth wide, sometimes even waving his hands teehee. Sometimes he prefers to blow raspberries with a mouth full of food :/ He has eaten Farex (baby rice cereal) in plain, pear + banana and vegetable flavours which he doesn't mind too much. He's tried carrot, sweet potato and a carrot + banana combo which is his favourite so far! I'm loving making his food for him using the Baby Bullet that I scored brand new on eBay. I can't wait to come up with more concoctions.

mmmmmmmmmm carrot
We have finally begun filling out his baby book, which we absolutely love! It's parent sections are non gender-specific, so there's no scribbling out Dad to write Mamma. There are a few sections dedicated to 'Mum' and refer to the birth mother but it's stuff like 'how mum felt in the 1st trimester' etc. I would 100% recommend the book to any parents, not just same sex parents. It's so beautiful inside too, with lovely neutral tones and sweet illustrations.
That's it for today, kiddies, I'm off.
I'm thinking about opening up the floor to questions from my readers, would anyone be interested? Is there anything you would like to ask me (or us? I'm sure I could nag at J to answer some questions :P)


  1. He is so cute! Glad to hear you enjoyed your first Christmas as a family of three. :)

  2. Thank you :)

    Yup, he's pretty darn adorable, I can't stop looking at him!