Wednesday 19 June 2013

Hives, Germs and Teething

So this time, my lack of blog activity is less about my procrastination issue and poor time management and more about all of us being sick and, well... poor time management ;)
The last couple of weeks have been absolutely shitty, to say the least. With all of us being sick with colds (poor Jo got sick twice!), Elijah having some serious teething and skin reactions and me having a Dr's visit that has led to some concern for my uterine health (more on that when I've had some tests)

It all started with a seemingly harmless play date with one of the neighbours. Jo had a sense he perhaps was a little unwell, but his mum said he was fine an Jo didn't want to appear pedantic so they had the play and that was that (in the next day or two he got quite ill with a 'bad cold') A few days later Elijah came down with an awful cold - we had tears and snot and disturbed sleep and an awful cough.
Poor sick boy
A few days in, it turned from bad to worse when he woke up from his morning nap with welts on his face, a quick trip to the Dr leaves us with the idea it's hives and Jo was told to bring him back if it got worse... They went away after a couple hours. Unfortunately after his afternoon nap, he awoke with even more welts... Dr still didn't seem concerned and again, they went away after a couple hours. We thought things were ok until we checked him that evening after he'd even asleep for almost two hours and they were back with a vengeance; big white welts outlined with red and purple... We were very concerned that we had been misdiagnosed and couldn't feel comfortable with just going to bed and hoping that the Dr was right... After a call to the triage line, we headed to the Emergency department [very long story short] We were there for hours with a screaming welty-faced child with snot all over his face who would not sleep until all hours only to be told "we believe its hives although we've not seen them like this before. Watch him overnight and bring him in if he appears lethargic or has trouble breathing being him back" we did not sleep. He was fine, and after a couple days they went away completely...
This picture was taken after the first bout of hives (they had already started going down)

It was awful, it was scary. But he's fine now, aside from a little leftover cough. We're over our colds and life is back to normal. I'm very proud of how we communicated through what was a very stressful time while we both felt like arse. We were caring, and focused and loving at a time when it would have been easy to just be cranky and selfish.

Oh! I forgot, the teething! Poor kid, he also cut teeth 5 an 6 throughout this ordeal :| That was fun. On the upside, the toothy grins we are now getting are beyond gorgeous!
This is E tonight, it appears he is still teething!

I've probably missed details and possibly have things out of order but this is all my brain is willing and able to provide right now :)

Until next time! xo






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