Sunday 2 June 2013

Keep Calm and Get Crafty!

So many formula tins!!!!

Aaaaaages ago, I promised a post on formula tins and how I upcycle them. Surprise surprise it hast happened yet! 

We've used some to plant herbs... 

and there are still quite a few waiting on the back  table to be repurposed...


Today when Elijah had a nap, I took the opportunity to get a little crafty

 I decided to keep it simple and whip out some of my scrapbook paper an these groovy 'keep calm' sayings that I printed out on sticker paper a while ago. I originally intended to get some big glass jars and just stick them on but alas, another grand idea falls by the wayside hehe.

Instead, I grabbed some paper that went with the stickers I had, chopped it to size and popped a couple of embellishments. Then I just glued it all on. Voila! Nothing fancy, but I've finally done something crafty with them - given more time I would be a little neater, have an actual design plan in mind and likely tart them up a little more.


I sliced a hole in the lid so things can be poked through easily, I may even cover the tops of the lids in the corresponding paper later on, since the colour they are doesn't really match.

Here's the end result!