Wednesday 26 February 2014



Its been about 5 months since my last post. Life got busy, I kept putting it off, the more I put it off the more I worried about what I would write about and then I'd procrastinate more :/ 

After some advice from my friends over at My Two Mums, I decided to just jump back in!

So, without further adieu, I present to you the first post of 2014!


Yesterday was going to have an interesting start, I knew that before the day began... The plan was to drop Elijah at Daycare, come home and collect Lilah, the family dog, drop her at the vet for de-sexing and get myself to TAFE for a dat of first aid training.

Well... Not so much.

I dropped Elijah at Daycare with no issue, I got a lovely kiss and a wave and set off home to collect Lilah. 

I arrived home to find one muddy pooch. It had been raining and she had been digging in our lovely rich red soil :| I managed to get her into the back of my car with a lovely trail of footprints through the house and only a little on myself. We arrive at the vet on schedule and I think to myself 'yeah, you can do this! Suck on that anxiety!' (Note: my anxiety levels have been great, but straying from routine can set it off for me) I take her in and she pees, of course... Then the vet says to me "Jo called, you need to collect your son from daycare" - my head spins, how does she know, what's happened, oh my god what.has.happened!?

I get in my car and there are missed calls from Jo and the daycare... I listen to the calls from daycare first, I can hear him screaming and I hear the daycare lady say something about hitting his head and that he needs to see a Dr.

Jo calls, she knows as much as I do. I tell her to call daycare and say I'm coming, I ask her to call TAFE so they know I'm not coming and I head to daycare.  The longest ten minutes of my life...

I walk in and I see... Elijah playing... Yep. Happily playing. With an egg the size of god-knows-what in his forehead. Big sigh of relief there! 

This was taken some time after we got home

Our Dr gave the all clear and we spent the day at home, playing quietly.


We threaded some pasta
we ate it...


and then got bored and started blowing raspberries

Then we took an empty tissue box...
and collected some things in the backyard!

What Mummy, I'm fine!

I can't help but imagine if he had hit his head just a little harder, he was SO close to breaking the skin, and could have easily gotten concussion. We are so lucky!


  1. It was awful. But perhaps I was being a bit dramatic too haha.

    Good to be back!

  2. Ouch! What a brave little boy! I'm glad he's ok.