Friday 2 May 2014

New job, cooking and a wedding!

If you were after a well put together post that makes sense look away now! 

Life lately has been an crazy mix of compromise, lack of sleep, self doubt, wonderful moments and learning - this post will update you on what you've missed, bore you and perhaps make you a little dizzy because I'm likely to jump from thing to thing haha.

We've had lots of lovely moments as a family, deliberately making time for family snuggles, finger-painting, dancing and running around the house like crazy people, jumping out at one another - this has always been Elijah's favourite game and he's now taken to hiding and scaring us. Beyond cute.

I'm sticking to keeping the focus on being grateful, or trying to, and making my moments with Elijah quality. He has been trying out the 4am wake ups again and that's just ridiculous so sometimes I find myself being a little short tempered or distracted. I've begun involving him in food preparation, which he loves! The other day we made an omelette and today we made some chocolate banana zucchini muffins (I'll post the recipe if anyone is interested, they're delish! And very simple). His favourite part is stirring. Today he pulled a chair up to the bench and stood on it telling me "Mummy, kickook, kickook" it took me a while to realize he was saying 'cooking' (note: Elijah says new words backwards like that often, is this common, and has anyone else's little one done it?)

I'm back at work. I think I missed blogging abut the whole quitting the bank decision  a few months ago an  starting my Cert 4 Allied Health Assistant course - hoping I'd find a job quickly. Well it wasn't quickly but I found one! I'm working at a hospital doing admin and switchboard. It's casual/shift work which I've never done and I have to say it's taking some getting used to. 

I've been clucky. It's happened before but usually goes away quickly and without much fuss. Not so much this time. I'm putting it down to turning 30 shortly and the fact that I seem to be ovulating strangely and rather intensely. It will pass. It has to, getting me pregnant would be a feat, our donor is no longer available and we don't have the cash to do it. Not to mention, I have no desire to give birth AT ALL. No thank you! Each to their own but *shiver* not so much.

Elijah is taking more now. I love the way he says dinosaur (his favourite word I think, besides bum) and his favourite phrase is "where are you?" Which comes out more like "weeaaaaaooooooooo" makes me giggle every time.

My sister got married last weekend. I was Maid of Honour and Elijah was Pageboy. He was ADORABLE! It was hard for me because my mother was there, we're estranged, and it was awful to have to see her but I did it for my sister and it was worth it to see her so happy.


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  1. Your baby looks so cute in that suit and the orange bowtie is just love! Reminds me of the costumes I saw here.