Tuesday 13 September 2011


Hmmm so at this point it appears our positive was indeed caused by the trigger shot... We got a negative HPT yesterday. I think the worst part is, that this goes against her 'symptoms'. Cramping up until day 7/8 and now nausea each morning and moments of unexpected and unexplained tears... That's kinda cruel...

Jo has had her sad reaction and I'm pretty sure she's OK at this point... I'm OK, have decided that it ain't over 'til it's over and we won't know until we get the bloods done on Thursday/results Friday. We may home test again on Thursday, it can't hurt.

By no means did we actually expect it to work the first time - but why do it if there's no hope, right? Of course we hoped... I feel responsible somehow for Jo being so disappointed. I have been super positive and unwavering in my 'sureness' that we will be the lucky ones that get their YAY.

If the bloods are negative, we will need to choose another donor and start injecting Gonal F again... Then, in about two weeks we will tightly cross our fingers and go back to the start of this crazy ride with insemination number 2. We have three goes. Three tries. Three attempts to get this right... No pressure...

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