Friday 2 September 2011

So it's done. Phew!

We showed up sooooooooo early, sat in the sun, cuddled, laughed, hoped and prepared as much as we could... We walked in together and paid the bill and after a while in the waiting room we were directed to a little room with a bed where we signed the paper work, checked the donor number and waited for our Dr... He came in, talked quietly for a bit about what was about to happen and then we got down to business :) I declined to do the squirting myself, even though it was offered. It was nice that it was offered :) The insemm part lasted about two minutes in total and then Jo just laid there for a few minutes and we go up and drove home :) She had some mild cramping in the afternoon but nothing intense... Now it's just the progesterone pessaries for the next two weeks and we test on the 16h... It's gonna be a looong two weeks :p

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