Tuesday 20 September 2011

Round 2

OK, so downward spiral has ended and everything is back to normal :) Sorry for that...  

Quite unexpectedly I was hit pretty hard with our negative. Although it would have been lovely, I didn't think we were quite that lucky ;) I really think it affected me so much because of other things that I see going on around me, even just within my own family, that make me really really mad. 

Anywho, on to round two. My amazing Jay stopped the progesterone pessaries and good old Aunt Flo came to visit, ugh. We have chosen another donor - we call him VDB, because he looks a bit like James Van Der Beek lol... We brought two ampules this time :) She heads up to the clinic tomorrow to collect the Gonal F pen and is on 75mg per day this cycle. This will mean lovely big fat follies! And that will mean lovely fertilised eggs. And THAT means perfect little baby (babies? :p) Well, at least that's my mantra at the moment.

Will it happen for us this time?

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