Saturday 19 May 2012

30 weeks

Oh my goodness 30 weeks! Again, it has gone by so quickly (Love it!)

This week was busy busy busy. We had J's 37th birthday, our baby shower and also our first antenatal class. A few "moments" where we each realised that this is happening and that things will change and money may be more of an issue than it has been previously etc etc.

I baked like CRAZY from Friday night to Sunday morning! I made J a birthday cake and for the baby shower I made cupcakes, macaroons and mini ham quiches (J's Fave). I love to bake, but even I have to admit, I was like a crazy person in the kitchen ;)

For J's birthday, we had her parents come and stay with us for the weekend, which was super lovely. I really love watching them all together and I feel that it was important for J to spend this birthday with them... We had a quiet celebration with a delish BBQ dinner followed by her cake:

Mississippi mudcake - oreo style!

We had our baby shower the following day, on mothers day - which we totaly fluked (completely forgot about mothers day when we set the date and it was too late to change it by the time we realised).  We had some of our best friends, my sister, J's mum and niece and my Grandma. It was only a few people, but we had a lovely time. There were lots of laughs and lots of ooooh's and aaaaah's over the food *blush* (which I forgot to photograph)

We received some really beautiful gifts, It's hard to pick but I would have to say that my favourite gift was the three onesies with beautiful little owls hand stitched to them. So sweet!

 {here are some pics}

and I leave you with the weekly belly shot!

*30 Week belly*

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